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Regular brake check are an important part of vehicle maintenance, helping to identify any problems before causing you issues.


At Moss Motor Repairs we know everyone has different driving styles, this can effect how often your brakes need servicing.

We recommend that brake pads should be replaced if the material has worn down to a thickness of 3mm, or as specified by the manufactures minimum safety thickness, going beyond this can cause braking issues and damage to your car's disc or drums.

Brake fluid levels should also be checked, and fluid replaced every two years (check your handbook) as it loses its effectiveness.

We can help you here at Moss Motors, speak to our technicians and we'll have you back on the road in no time. 



Flat Battery? We supply and fit car, van, tractor and leisure batteries.

Modern batteries don't require much maintenance but it's good practice to check on them. Here at Moss Motor Repairs we can health check your battery which is the heart of your vehicles electrical system.

If your require a new battery we can supply, fit and safely dispose of the old battery responsibly and safely.

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